• A personalized plan to restore your health

  • Spending time with your doctor and creating a meaningful relationship

  • Focus on achieving wellness, not just masking symptoms

  • Thoughtful answers to all of your questions

  • Complete respect for you and your choices

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Regain Your Health

I teach how to restore health by:

  • Finding and treating underlying causes

  • Using food and fasting to heal the body

  • Wholesome nutrition

  • Strengthening the mind’s ability to maintain peace

  • Choosing safer alternatives to medications

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There was a time before today’s 10-minute doctor visits in corporate clinics, when neighborhood doctors worked slowly and thoughtfully, and took the time for each visit to feel like a meaningful relationship. I’m joining the movement to reclaim the importance of relationship-based care. How?

By joining my practice as a member, your monthly fee covers unlimited access to me, without interference. Office visits, phone calls, emails and texts – all unlimited. I limit my total number of patients so I can sustain a small business with no staff and give you the attention and time you deserve.