I use a Functional Medicine approach to find the underlying causes of difficult­-to-­treat illnesses like fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, migraines, and autoimmune conditions. Learn more from the Institute of Functional Medicine. 

Health begins in the gut – our largest organ of assimilation and detoxification. The bugs in our gut appear to rule our lives, with lots of research showing gut bacteria directly influences the brain and its neurotransmitters, mental health, your body's fat content, skin health, autoimmune conditions, and cancer. Learn more about the far-reaching consequences of imbalanced gut flora from Dr. Perlmutter, an eminent neurologist who successfully treats "untreatable" neurological illnesses by correcting gut flora and proper nutrition.  

I perform cranial osteopathy, a gentle hands-on technique of activating the body's healing mechanism. It is the original form of craniosacral therapy. 

I help people get off dangerous medications with my integrative approach, and suggest safer alternatives. Many people come to me with a long list of pills and the realization that they don’t want to spend the rest of their life this way.

Weight loss: ultimately we all want to feel happy and well, regardless of our body size. An emphasis on numerical weight undermines the ability to be happy and to achieve better overall health. imagine experiencing inner peace while eating, free from incessant worry about what to eat. Only you can be the expert on your body, which requires inner attunement, not well-meaning instructions from experts.  I follow the “intuitive eating” approach in people wishing to lose weight. This approach addresses the core issue of shame in people who are tired of the diet roller coaster, as well as emphasizing adequate nourishment to calm the primal drive to overeat.  In addition, there is growing evidence that certain imbalances in gut bacteria cause obesity.  Learn more from this interesting video. Thus for overall health, my approach to overweight involves correcting imbalanced gut flora.  

I have experience in using medical cannabis, in particular high­-CBD sublingual oils, in a variety of conditions including persistent pain, seizures, post-­traumatic stress disorder, cancer, and end­-of ­life care. [Read more] about my approach to medical cannabis.

Let that from which you were wounded become your cure. – Migne